November 1, 2018

Let’s go technical

A programmable irrigation system

An improvised air dehumidifier / water collection system, which proved to be not very efficient at doing its intended job, but very efficient at draining the battery pack 🙂

Some improvised windows made out of corrugated plastic sheet, which would open and close depending (automatically or manually, via the phone app) on the temperature inside the polytunnel.

Powerful computer fans for improved air circulation inside the polytunnel.

The brain: an Arduino board, with a Bluetooth module providing local connection for monitoring and control functions, from a custom developed phone app.

Electrical power being provided by a 500 Watt hybrid PV solar panel / wind turbine system.

The charging controller which monitors the battery pack voltage level, and restrains the wind turbine when the battery is fully charged.

And how would anything work without proper security in place?