March 26, 2019

The human factor

Soil moisture going from 64 to 25 within one minute? And then continuing to go down until eventually it reached 0, within a day? Hmmm, that is weird. The soil moisture sensor or the probe must’ve gone haywire
This is what one would think when seeing something like this.

I then checked the air temperature on the day: peaking into 34 Centigrade. High… and yet not enough to turn the inside of the tunnel into a mini-planet Mars 🙂

Going to location, it all became clear: the plywood used at the bottom of the plants’ bed gave way under compost’s weight. The soil humidity probe hanging now in mid-air was giving in fact an accurate reading of 0. The technology worked, only the involvement of the human factor got it confused 🙂 The bed got fixed, the plants are happy now, and the soil moisture readings are back on track.

In the meantime, recycled skirting was used for adding some sealing around the door frame in Flanagan’s Field, to prevent the wind from messing with the inside conditions.

So now Doug’s seedlings are better protected from outdoors’ colder climate.